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Welcome to Marc Noon’s home page on WordPress.com.

My interests are in robotics, software design, imaging, and human interaction. I’m currently self employed in Lawndale, CA and am constantly seeking new health care clients for small and medium companies that need solutions to their problems.  I’ve used Experts Exchange, TechNet, Answers on Yahoo,  Jeeves, and most recently, StackOverflow exchange.  I have worked on Q-SEE video camera installs, claims management automation, and am currenlty working on increasing traffic to my business website by doing my homework and lot of research. Send me a tip if you now how I can increase business. I can tell the economy has shrunk over the past year b/c business seems to have come to a slow crawl, and am taking marketing and sales much more seriously.   But I can also see things are starting to pick up.

I am currently finishing up reading a trilogy where the first book is titled, “The Innocent Mage”. Why three books, “Karen” there must be another book, three is too little. Anyways I highly recommend it. Next book I’ll read will definitely be the Alienist. Why? Well b/c my dad recommended it to me, and now I have to read it in order to talk shop with my father.  And now I just learned that there is a forth book.  So I guess its not a trilogy anymore.  Oh well.

Also if the economy and my business don’t pan out, I will need to find a job. So my 15 sec elevator pitch is “I’m searching for a job in Software Development. I specialize in the in health care systems, reporting, and document management using ASP.NET, C#, VB.Net, and Microsoft SQL.” After listening to some rather miffing information I’ve been studying the 2nd gen data as a service methodolgy. Yes, Data. I’ve been following the Dell CIO Perspective. So far the site has been pretty dead on. Now I am really interested in learning more about this elusive Dell CIO character.

Something else that I’m vaguely interested in is the major war that is about to start in the tech sector. And lets not be quaint, there is a war brewing, and its between the cathedral and the bazaar (open source forges). It’s called cloud computing. This is one of those special circumstances where the characters are quickly lining up and many are already trying to figure out how to line their pockets full of gold. I haven’t decided which side I want to be on yet. But one thing is for sure, its not going to be a single battle, or a small war, its going to be a gigantic world wide war. We are on the cusp of a new revolution in technologies as battles are fought for control of this cloud computing. I would like to taste of the cloud, but at the same time not give my soul to devil. Let the war begin.

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